Important COVID-19 Season Information

2021-22 Season Information:
It is a privilege that we can recommence Athletics. To allow us to do this we need to follow the procedures outlined below.

Competition and Events:
All meets this season will be on a Saturday Morning starting at 9am. At this stage we are planning on conducting most of the events except Hurdles.

COVID Expectations: Please refer to the LAVIC Website for Covid Protocols and expectations

Conduct of Events:
The club will be providing cleaning supplies at every event. It will be required that at all events the equipment used will need to be sanitised/cleaned before and after every group uses the equipment. When equipment is shared amongst athletes, athletes will be required to sanitise their hands before and after all attempts with the sanitiser provided by the centre.

At jumping events athletes will be required to sanitise their hands after all attempts. The High Jump matts will be sanitised prior to a group starting and once they have finished with a spray.

Drink Bottles:
Athletes will be responsible for their own drink bottles. They will need to carry them from event to event.

Register of Attendance:
The centre is required to maintain a strict register of attendance of athletes and their families who attend on site. This will include parents/guardians and siblings (no matter their age).

Parental Assistance and Spectating:
A total of only 5 Parents or Guardians will be allowed to move around with the groups competing. The parents/guardians not assisting need to remain onsite, but can not gather with the group at the event. Parents/guardians not assisting can not be on the field of play (i.e. the oval) or too close to the event that could then call into question the sizing of the group.
Roles Required:
- Team Manager
- COVID Group Official
- Recorder
- 2 Officials (Measuring of Attempts, Fouls and Finishing Order)

If you would like to read the expectations placed on the centre to run this season you can head to the following link on the LAVIC website.

Thank you